Burning Away

Every year in Australia between 95 and 99% of skin cancers are caused by exposure to the sun reported by the Cancer Council Australia. With  a statistic like this in mind , its hard to believe that something that people see as an element of beauty can have such a negative effect on society.

Australia is commonly known as a beach orientated  country .It would be wise to accentuate  the importance  of sun protection and stress why people  should reduce the number of hours they spend in the sun rather than change up the culture and tradition.It makes it difficult for an individual to protect themselves from the harmful rays as summer is seen as a time to layout in the sun for a long period of time to get that so called “healthy* glow when in fact they are doing more harm then good. Is it really worth it spending long hours in the sun and putting your body in harms way?

Social measures have been implemented when dealing with skin cancer  . The Anti – Cancer Council of Victoria has been running sun protection programs for more than 20 years . Slip! Slop! Slap! is one common  slogan we are all familiar with . It was established from 1980-1988 . The Victorian Health Promotion Foundation has provided funding for the Sun Smart program for the past 13 years . These approaches have played a vital role in changing the whole societies views on the sun that has resulted in marked reduction to sun exposure.

All in all  the vast amount of hours out in the open to the rays of the sun is pointless  and has no benefit to it . i ask again , is it really worth it ?. I will  leave that up to you

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