Is the environment altered by us ?

We all know that we are  stationed on  a planet that is sensitive and that needs to be taken care of at all times. We need to respect , love and admire our surroundings . What about if constant change on our planet is by our doing ?. How about if its all human caused?

First of all , what do we mean by the term environment?. It simply means the surroundings or conditions in which a person , animal , plant lives or operates.

Peter M. Vitousek who is an American ecologist that has graduated from Amherst College  in 1971 and received his PHD in biology established that environmental change is caused by human activity . The increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by reasoning of fossil fuel burning is an action by our doings as individuals.The alternation in biochemistry of the global nitrogen cycle  is another impact due to human activity to such extent that more nitrogen is fixed annually by humanity. This added nitrogen alters the atmosphere  , ecosystems and the biological diversity in may areas. Finally , human land use /land  cover transformed one half of the earths surface . Degradation of land effects the biological diversity on land and on ecosystems. Species begin to cease and become extinct. Is this fair on their behalf? . How cruel and hurtful is this act?

Social implications are there to protect the planet we are currently breathing on. Curbing fossil fuel consumption could save many lives from air pollution. Adopting more environmentally friendly benign forms of agriculture  so approaches that use fewer chemicals may cause less ecological disruption. Ethics also  plays a role in this dynamic. As humans , we are obliged to respect our surroundings because we actually owe things to creatures or entities within the environment 

What do you think ?. How important is maintaining and respecting our environment ?


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